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When it comes to measuring devices and technologies, accuracy is vital. Getting accurate measurement can make or break your profits, productivity and job which is why being equipped with the right meter is critical. The good news is that a reliable supplier of measurement devices are here to develop market-driven and customized solutions to cater […]

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Conductivity and Its Applications

Conductivity refers to the ability of a certain material to conduct electricity. It is measured in Siemens per meter and is commonly represented with the use of the Greek letter σ. Electric current can easily flow through a material that has high conductivity. In order to carry an electrical current, a particular solution must contain […]

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Bale Check Hay and Straw Humidity measuring device

 Distro Services offer our Irish Farmers the new Bale Check, a PORTABLE HANDHELD Hay and Stray HUMIDITY measuring device, This simple to use device is now available directly from our WEB Shop  

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COM-100: Waterproof / TDS / Temp Combo Meter UPGRADED! (See below) Ideal for all water quality testing, water purification applications, wastewater

Diestro Services Offer a complete range of Low Cost Portable Ph/EC/TDS Meters. These Handheld and Portable pH meters are now avalaible direcly from our shop  

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HM Digital TDS, pH Radox Hand Held Test Instruments

Diestro Services now offer HM Digital handheld and portable TDS, EC, pH and ORP testers, in-line monitors, controllers and accessories for reverse osmosis (RO) water filters, water purification systems, hydroponics, aquariums, pools and many other applications are superior in construction and performance, yet made available at a very economic cost. HM Digital, Inc. is the […]

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Residential RO systems & Fitration systems

Diestro Services are now Irish partners with US GENESIS  Water Technologies, a vibrant innovative wholesale supplier and manufacturer or water treatment, purification and filtration products serving the needs of water treatment distributors, goverment and commercial, industrial buyers   NIMBUS WATERMAKER 5 5 stage RO system Space Saving Unique Membrane Configuration-50 GPD Production Ingenious Green Design […]

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Intergrated Clorine Dosing Pump and Water meter

Why Purchase seperate Clorine dosing Pump Water contact meter and Injection valve? Diestro services offer a Compact Clorine Dosing system. For quantity-proportional metering in water post-treatment technology , tested by DVGW (German Assoc. of Gas and Water Experts) •With electric motor driven diaphragm pump •With contact water meter as proportiona pulse generator •With mechanical stroke […]

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CDI 01 Metering unit

Looking for a Conductivity Controller with a High quality Dosing Pump included as one piece of equipment? Loo no further, Diestro Services offer the CDI01, Simple usage over membrane keyboard and lit display • Diaphragm metering pump max. 15 l/h against 0.6 bar Inductive conductivity control unit which switches over automatical into the adjustment ranges: […]

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Turbo Pump

Looking Looking for an Economical Dosing pump? The new metering pump series is better alternative to the peristaltic pump Look at the new Turbo Pump Simple assembly by “Click & Fix” (snapping the metering pump in the bracket) Including cable channels on the rear side of the brackets Simple batch assembly of several TurboPUMPs Economical […]

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Western IT

Diestro Services LTD now offer a range of Off Grid lighting systems, including Street Lights Park Lights Garden Lighting Lighting solution for remote signage  

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